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3rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Forum "MACHTEX - textile industry products and equipment"

MACHTEX is a unique industrial event for the development of business relationships and attraction of investment in the textile industry of Kazakhstan. The importance and the need for such event was supported by the Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region, which acts as co-organizer of the “MACHTEX” Forum and Exhibition.

According to the state program of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan, the textile industry is one of the priority sectors. In 2014, support was provided to 23 textile projects amounting US$25.3 million in total . Southern Kazakhstan has a significant potential for development of the textile industry. Cotton wool and cotton fiber are produced in this region only. The availability of raw materials and strategically advantageous geographical position (Kazakhstan is located at the crossroads of major regional markets of the CIS, Russia, China and Western Europe) support a high potential of MACHTEX Exhibition.

MACHTEX format

MACHTEX will host an exhibition, business forum, a series of presentations of the latest equipment for light industry.

Why Shymkent?

Shymkent is the regional center of South Kazakhstan region, one of the three largest cities in Kazakhstan and one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers of the country. The oldest city in the country is located on the Great Silk Road. The geographical location contributes to the development of trade with China, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Small and medium businesses are developing actively in Shymkent. It was South Kazakhstan region, where the first pilot cotton and textile cluster was launched and now a special economic zone “Ontustyk” is functioning successfully. The major region’s projects include: LLP “Nazar-Textile” - carpet factory, project cost – 1.8 billion tenge, created 57 jobs; LLP “South Textiline KZ” - expansion of textile factory, project cost – 3.8 billion tenge, created 584 jobs. LLP ”Myrzakent” - a modern cotton processing plant, project cost – 1.0 billion tenge, created 150 jobs. One of the major promising projects is “KazKoreanTextile” (South Korea) - construction of an integrated textile mill, US$30 million.

The special economic zone “Ontustyk” was created on the order of the President Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev in July 2005 and is one of the first steps in creating a cotton & textile cluster in South Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. SEZ “Ontustyk” involves the development of textile cluster - an industrial area, which will concentrate complete-cycle textile and cotton processing enterprises - from processing of raw materials to finished products of world brands. SEZ “Ontustyk” was created to attract investors in the textile sector, a perspective sector for the region and Kazakhstan as a whole. It is expected to invest more than 1 billion dollars of private investment for the development of SEZ “Ontustyk”. The successful development of SEZ “Ontustyk” is supported by such factors as favorable economic conditions, access to raw materials, markets, human resources, infrastructure, low cost of labor, and stable investment climate.


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